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Exploring the Infinite

This Friday, August 8th is International Infinity Day, and we've got a finite number of missions ready to celebrate!
2014/08/06 01:25

Scoring Concert Tickets with Code

Python is Now the Most Popular Introductory Teaching Language at Top U.S. Universities and more!
2014/08/03 13:28

CheckiO Chess Week

Hopefully you haven’t pawned off your chess skills for your python skills, because this week is all about the most dangerous game in celebration of last week’s International Chess Day!
2014/07/29 21:45

Abra Kadabra Alakazam! *Poof* Dominoes!

Summer's in full swing and so are our world builders! We've got three new missions for you this week!
2014/07/23 12:49

Secret Mission: Break PEP8

I have a new mission for you. It's going to be a challenge, but I believe you're up to the task.
2014/07/16 11:48

Everything you need to know about hints!

We know CheckiO users have been excited to add hints to the game, and we’d like to explain how they’re going to work moving forward. We certainly didn’t want hints to ruin the challenge or fun for users. So we’ve made hints a form of conversation between one or more mission authors.
2014/07/09 18:24

Engage 4 new missions and awesome video!

It’s a bundle of mission this week! Which one are you going to tackle first?
2014/07/02 08:30

3 whole new missions for you to dominate!

This week, we’ve got three unique challenges for you. Ready? Set...code!
2014/06/25 15:47

CheckiO translations make the world go round!

Ever since we implemented the crowd-sourced mission translation feature, many CheckiO users have jumped in and provided numerous content translations in their native languages...
2014/06/17 23:28

Have you ever wondered how fun it is to play space golf?

We bet you’ve been anxious to see what new challenges are in store for you this week!
2014/06/11 11:38

Participate in new missions and a CheckiO player survey!

Welcome to a new week with spectacular new missions. We’ve got a great set for you to take for a whirl!
2014/06/03 22:39

Solve strange circuit boards and enjoy mission language translations!

We’ve got some exciting news this week!
2014/05/27 22:32

Counting minutes with Sophia! And more fun this week!

New week, new missions for you to complete and compete with other players.
2014/05/20 21:44

Join our CheckiO video competition and view this week’s new missions!

We’re holding a competition to pick the best soundtrack for our CheckiO video!
2014/05/15 01:13

Min & Max and More

Time to delve into the notable and newsworthy from CheckiO and our users. What do we have for you this week?
2014/05/07 05:00

New missions and CheckiO member awesomeness abound this week!

<p>We’re sure a lot of you will be excited to hear that we have a new mission!
2014/04/30 00:17

What’s new? So glad you asked....

Did you attend this year’s PyCon? If you did, then you may already know about this fantastic news: CheckiO was a Startup Row Honoree!
2014/04/23 23:37

Behold! Your CheckiO news update has arrived!

Because we’re sure your schedule is full of hurrying and scurrying about and trying to catch up with plenty of important work, let’s dive right in to this week’s delightful trove of updates.
2014/04/15 22:14

CheckiO Checks In!

We’ve got some major updates, news, and notes to share with the CheckiO community today!
2014/04/10 12:53

Follow closely now...because we’ve got new CheckiO Achievement Badges!

We’ve added a handful of CheckiO Achievement Badges dedicated to Following & Followers!
2014/04/09 21:22
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