• This Week In Python: Quantum datetime Travel

Python Running at 88 MPH

Ever find yourself having trouble with the datetime continuum? Ever set your time machine to go to the year 3014 only to wind up in the year 14 because of an input error? The Delorean project aims to fix these misadventures by making datetime an easy thing to read and write. You should check it out and tell us what you think in the comments below. As for me, I'm stuck in next week, so I'll be using it to fix my own time machine.

Solving Quantum Mechanics Problems in Python

No doubt you've come across such missions as Boolean Algrebra and Mind Switcher, so you're aware that Python is fully well capable of solving difficult mathematical equations. Well, those same concepts came in use when the fellow behind the HELENTRINICA blog took on the challenge of solving Quantum Mechanics equations using Python. Is there anything Python can't solve?

Cool Stuff Done in Python: How to Build a Kick-Ass Mobile Document Scanner

Two weeks back, I wrote about a neat way to detect skin tones in images. Well, the mad scientists behind that project are back and have used the same concept to turn your mobile phone into a document scanner.

Python Events around the world:

  • Our friends in Japan are running PyCon Japan 2014 this month from the 12th through the 15th in Tokyo. Our friend Keith Yang will be talking a little bit about CheckiO on Sunday! If you're in the area, drop us a line here and let us know what you thought!
  • Wellington, New Zealand is hosting Kiwi PyCon 2014 from September 13th and 14th. They've got loads going on, personally I'm looking forward to the CodeWars!
  • Next month, Texas A&M University is hosting PyTexas 2014. The conference runs over the weekend from October 3 through the 5th. Their schedule's jam-packed with awesome talks and workshops, so check it out!

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