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Change the World With Code!

Python 3.4.2, Two new missions, and you could make CheckiO's next Island!
2014/10/15 02:45

This week in Python 10/11: The most Impressive things Done with Python

This week's headlines: Python 3.4.2 is Now Available, The Most Impressive Things Done With Python and The Game of Life
2014/10/12 01:06

Going the Distance With Python

They say the world is smoother than a billiards ball when viewed relatively to one another. For these missions, it's even smoother and rounder than that! In such a perfect world, our favorite postal person should have some smooth sailing, wouldn't you say? Let's celebrate them this World Post Day by making their job easier with Python!
2014/10/07 23:47

What Happened in Python During the Month of September

Good Code, Bad Code and some really cool stuff happened in September!
2014/10/06 23:25

Cellular Automation with Python

CheckiO's in top US Universities, you could make the next CheckiO Island, and we've baked two new missions for you!
2014/09/30 23:16

CheckiO in Top American Universities

Python is the most frequently taught programming language in introductory computer science classes. There are many universities and colleges training students in Python, as well as many online classes to help introduce new people to coding, via Python.
2014/09/29 12:22

The Fellowship of the Code

This week we've got two new missions for you straight out of Middle Earth. We've even made some nice improvements to the site which I'm sure you will all appreciate.
2014/09/24 00:01

Cryptographic Python

This week's your Secret Agent boot camp!
2014/09/16 23:07

Simplifying Polynomials, Hacking Santa and CheckiO's Hardest Mission Yet!

We've got three new missions and it's International Programmer day!
2014/09/09 23:41

An Interview with Star Player cjkjvfnby

We have a chat with this month's Star Player cjkjvfnby!
2014/09/08 23:56

This Week In Python: Quantum datetime Travel

datetime, Quantum Mechanics, and Building tools, this week in Python!
2014/09/07 00:21

Get Schooled

School's starting up for folks around the world and we've got a full course load!
2014/09/02 23:34

This week in Python: Code of +6 Efficiency

This one goes out to all you fans of code efficiency.
2014/08/30 00:11

CheckiO Ghost missions: Start playing now!

We've got two ghost missions out there haunting the seas of CheckiO!
2014/08/28 22:25

Haunted Seas

What's old is new again, we've got a few reincarnations of old missions with a fresh new twist. It's almost as if your old favorites are coming back to haunt you!
2014/08/26 23:39

This Week in Python 8/23: Coding for the Fun of it

XKCD in the wild, modding The Sims, skin detection and more, in This Week in Python!
2014/08/23 12:42

The O'Reilly Golf Challenge

Go play O'Reilly Media's Text Holes Golf mission to win something awesome for yourself!
2014/08/21 11:29

Burning for a Python Challenge

In the spirit of the infamous Burning Man Festival next week, I've put together an odd bunch of missions for you to prove your skill in!
2014/08/20 12:24

Left Hands and Lanterns

Today is International Left-handers day, so, for an additional challenge, complete these new missions using only your left hand!
2014/08/12 23:57

This week in Python: Modding the News

Modding the News
2014/08/10 19:29
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