• Everything you need to know about hints!

We know CheckiO users have been excited to add hints to the game, and we’d like to explain how they’re going to work moving forward. We certainly didn’t want hints to ruin the challenge or fun for users. So we’ve made hints a form of conversation between one or more mission authors.

If you get stumped on a mission, you can request a hint from the author, who can provide a small push in the right direction. If you remain stuck, you can request and receive further author hints until you make the necessary breakthrough!

Just like missions can have various solutions, different authors will provide different hints. This keeps things creative and unique while still helping out those who need just a little extra boost.

Hints are also now part of a mission repository—so everybody can view and add to them. Learn more about it on the wiki.

Alongside this exciting new development, we have three new missions!

  • Rotate Hole – The robots have discovered an ancient human cannon-loading machine! Taking the numbered pipes, find the rotation combination that will allow all cannonballs to be loaded simultaneously.
  • Robot Sort – The spaceship’s nuclear fuel rods have been improperly placed in the reactor engine! Help Stephan quickly sort them out before everything explodes.
  • Weak Point – Using a digit matrix “durability map,” help Stephan by creating an algorithm that will discover weak points in the spaceship’s outer shell!

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