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Git Tricks 🐙

Useful commands you want to know! 💪
3rd September 2020 11:17
by oduvan

Additional section on your profile page

Practice makes perfect 🏆
12th August 2020 17:38
by oduvan

This week's mission: Triangular Islands

Your new challenge is here!
28th July 2020 09:29
by oduvan

Solutions Index

Your involvment makes us better
16th July 2020 14:31
by oduvan

Find out more about Python by searching the solutions

See what we've been up to!
1st July 2020 07:44
by oduvan

This week's missions: Connect Stars and Sort by Removing

Continue your progress!
3rd June 2020 08:41
by oduvan

This week's missions: Workout and Home Coming

Your next missions are here!
26th May 2020 07:13
by oduvan

This week's missions: Family Dinner and Team Play

Prove yourself with new challenges!
19th May 2020 13:47
by oduvan

What's new in the world of Python

Stay up to date with us!
13th May 2020 12:41
by oduvan

This week's missions: Train Tracks, Sort by Extension, and Words Order

CheckiO Client updated!
6th May 2020 11:16
by oduvan

This week's missions: Is Even, Non Empty Lines, and Find Rectangles

See the new challenges!
29th April 2020 11:39
by oduvan

This week's mission: Stacking Cubes

Challenge yourself with us!
16th April 2020 06:45
by oduvan

Stay Home

Check out the latest updates on CheckiO.
27th March 2020 11:34
by oduvan

Mission Search

New option on CheckiO!
27th February 2020 16:29
by oduvan

Myths About Brain And Learning

Mythbusting article is already here!
19th February 2020 19:16
by oduvan

Maya Island

New island opening!
6th February 2020 11:12
by oduvan

Missions of the week: Unruly, Remove All Before, Compress List, and Replace Last

The latest from CheckiO and Python world.
30th January 2020 15:40
by oduvan

TOP 7 Reasons Why A Developer Can Kiss His Productivity Goodbye

New challenges and useful insight into the developer's productivity pitfalls.
23rd January 2020 16:49
by oduvan

Mocking in Python

Check out the new missions, moking articles and our plans for this year.
16th January 2020 17:09
by oduvan

This week’s mission: On the same path

Have fun with the new mission we have for you!
25th December 2019 13:08
by oduvan
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