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Don't Learn C! Sort Waters Tubes And Connect Islands With Bridges Instead!

Try your hand with interesting and difficult missions from mobile app puzzles!
2024/02/02 19:05
by freeman_lex

Distribute Blood While Playing Mahjong And Painting Cells! 😜 Open And Find Out More!

Welcome the first full-format news in 2024 with usual new missions and articles.
2024/01/16 17:09
by freeman_lex

Discover the New Features in CheckiO ClassRoom

Latest updates to CheckiO ClassRoom are designed to make your educational experience more efficient, engaging, and enjoyable.
2024/01/09 15:43
by freeman_lex

Introducing Pair Programming on CheckiO: Elevating Collaborative Coding

CheckiO introduces Pair Programming, a new tool transforming online code editors into collaborative sessions for real-time coding collaboration and problem-solving.
2023/12/21 10:34
by freeman_lex

Habits of Great Devs & Kings of Optimization and Play With Cleaner and Bridge Hand

New skills and practising make you a better developer!
2023/11/28 17:24
by freeman_lex

Learn About Lambdas, Type Hints And Data Science Survey While Solving New Missions

Happy to meet you again and share the experience of Python learning.
2023/11/14 17:29
by freeman_lex

Eat Cookies, Make a New Math and Dive Into Variables Scope and Functools Module

A new bunch of missions and articles for your attention and solving!
2023/10/30 18:17
by freeman_lex

Python 3.12 Release, Advices from Guru and Integer Close Enough to be Perfect Power

Python 3.12 is here and usual new missions and topics!
2023/10/10 15:59
by freeman_lex

Use Python Hidden Features, Heaps & Functools to Explore 2D Infinite Array

Intermediate topics and three new missions
2023/09/18 07:53
by freeman_lex

Improve Your Using of Asterisk, Slash, Underscore and Operator Overloading

Beat the missions, find out something new and give us a feedback!
2023/08/30 11:35
by freeman_lex

Do a Lot: Capture, Count and Light Up While Learning Advanced Python Mastery!

A bunch of varies and interesting missions and topics!
2023/08/01 08:54
by freeman_lex

Use Math Constants to Tiling Dominos and Handling Exceptions while Coding in ChatGPT

CheckiO keeps to evolve! Move with us to new functionality, knowledge and interesting missions!
2023/07/04 18:05
by freeman_lex

Three New OOP Missions with Decorators, Bit Manipulation and Regex

The second part of OOP series
2023/06/12 18:59
by freeman_lex

Welcome French Translation at Two Whole Stations and 4 Mission of OOP Series!

New OOP series intro, French translation and a few articles
2023/05/30 16:59
by freeman_lex

Hire Junior Developer To Create Hollow Diamond Using Soft Skills

Look inside and find out, what title is about!)
2023/05/15 12:41
by freeman_lex

Playing with Morse Code, Dice and Knapsack in Hexagonal Grid

New portion of code drugs)
2023/05/02 06:28
by freeman_lex

Welcome Station Page Remastered!

CheckiO station page improvements!
2023/04/19 05:50
by freeman_lex

Python 3.11 is here, blogger PyPI and Missions about Schedule and Working Time

Welcome 3.11 Python at CheckiO, topics and new missions!
2023/04/04 17:13
by freeman_lex

Mutable and Immutable Types, De-duplicating and Beautifying a List and playing Puzzles

Enjoy three new missions and interesting topics!
2023/03/21 08:54
by freeman_lex

Look, how Cellular Automatons learn Algorithms, using Iterators and Iterables!

Do you know Conway's Game of Life? Get familiar with the similar models!
2023/03/07 07:51
by freeman_lex
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