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War in Ukraine

Almost no time to release new updates for CheckiO, you know, busy with war a bit.
28th February 2022 20:26
by oduvan

Valentines Day

The new mission, awesome promo campaign, some news around Python
12th February 2022 10:20
by oduvan

Classical Cryptography

Series of missions based on classical pen and paper cryptography.
11th January 2022 12:33
by oduvan

New Year Deal and New Maya Mission

Let's make the year 2022 - the code year
29th December 2021 09:44
by oduvan

The best platform for your students to practice

For the last three years, we have worked closely with many teachers worldwide to meet their expectations and deliver the tool that helps them manage their big classes quickly and easily.
21st December 2021 08:31
by oduvan

Excel & Stock

Two more missions and some cool links
10th December 2021 11:49
by oduvan

Simple Email Mission

drones, unique emails, and Anatomy of the Pattern Matcher Syntax The match statement
24th November 2021 19:54
by oduvan


270 + 40
5th November 2021 10:12
by oduvan

Three Important Updates

New Editor, play without registration and difficulty levels
19th October 2021 14:55
by oduvan

Tags, Search, Points and Plans

And we are back from the vacation with some new cool updates for CheckiO.
20th July 2021 15:42
by oduvan

A bit better search

more about about search-line
12th June 2021 19:18
by oduvan

🌐 Coordinates

Challenge yourself with our coordination missions
18th May 2021 13:42
by oduvan

Golf Club 🏌️

This is a code golf mission and your main goal is to make your code as short as possible
1st April 2021 08:28
by oduvan

🚀 Spaceship Landing Strip

mission Spaceship Landing Strip
29th March 2021 10:01
by oduvan

📛 How CheckiO is growing

Solve missions of these authors and get badges!
9th February 2021 11:48
by oduvan

💡 Latest series of missions with light bulbs

You have to take on this challenge!
28th January 2021 18:46
by oduvan

📗9 Reasons Why Students Don’t Want You as a Teacher👩‍🏫

How good of a teacher are you?
15th January 2021 09:34
by oduvan

This week's missions: Count Comprehensions and Mountain Scape

Challenge yourself with the latest missions.
24th December 2020 06:29
by oduvan

Check and Mate! ♟️

You appreciate chess? Then you'll love these challenges!
24th November 2020 11:50
by oduvan

Python 3.9 and other additions to CheckiO

You have to know this!
13th November 2020 06:34
by oduvan
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