• An Interview with Star Player cjkjvfnby

August's Star Player is the renowned cjkjvfnby. CheckiO elite coder and founder Alex recently had a conversation with him about what cjkjvfnby likes about being a programmer.

Alex @ CheckiO Tell me about yourself for a little bit. Where are you from? What country or region, what city?

cjkjvfnby Hi, My name is Andrey. I am from Saint-Petersburg Russia.

Alex @ CheckiO Do you attend a University or a are you coding professionally for a company?

cjkjvfnby I am coding professionally in python and java

Alex @ CheckiO What was your first experience with a computer?

cjkjvfnby My first computer was ZX spectrum, which was assembled from parts by my uncle. I drew some circles and lines in BASIC with it. My interest in programming came much later, about 6 years ago.

Alex @ CheckiO What was the decision that lead you to become a programmer?

cjkjvfnby I searched for my path for a long time, changed a lot of jobs, and finally found some IT job and IT courses.

Alex @ CheckiO We've seen that you're pretty active in the community, what do you focus on when looking at the solutions of other players?

cjkjvfnby I am looking at other solutions to see what I might have missed in mine. I often try to convince others to write more readable code.

Alex @ CheckiO When looking for new team members, what are the key factors for you?

cjkjvfnby Positive mind, willingness to learn, desire to do well, and following a project style.

Alex @ CheckiO What advice do you have for new programmers who are just starting to learn?

cjkjvfnby Code a lot. Publish. Read other solutions. Use python in real life to speed up common tasks :)

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