• Secret Mission: Break PEP8

Good morning!

I have a new mission for you. It's going to be a challenge, but I believe you're up to the task. I need you to Break PEP8. I'll be awarding points to you based on how well you accomplish this secret mission. Our ultimate goal is to find the vulnerabilities within the PEP 8 module so we can correct them and improve on its functionality. Doing so will help the robots to succeed in their overall mission.

For those who earn the top scores in this mission, we have some fantastic GitHub prizes for you:

  • Grand Prize - 1 year of a GitHub Medium account
  • 2nd Prize - 1 year of a GitHub Small account
  • 3rd Prize - 1 year of a GitHub Micro account

Should you win these prizes, you will get two extra keys for a second and third account. This means that you can be someone's best friend in the world by sharing the glory with two of your friends!

Best of luck with this mission,


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