• Cryptographic Python

This week's your Secret Agent boot camp! We've got loads of missions to test your crypography skills:

We'll start off your cryptography training with a pretty straight forward challenge called the AMSCO Cipher.

Encode secret messages like a lord in the Playfair Cipher mission.

Take on a more complex version of Caesars Cipher in the Vigenere Cipher mission.

User Ciel sent us an encoded message using the ADFGVX Cipher mere moments before publishing this news.

Cryptography not quite your thing? Try taking a stab at the legendary crossword puzzle in Crossword Solver.

Think you've got the stuff to be a legit cryptographer? I challenge you to solve the encrypted message in the emailed version of this weeks newsletter and email me back with the answer. I'll be giving away sweet CheckiO T-Shirts to the first THREE people to solve this secret message!

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