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This September, from the 12th through the 15th in Tokyo, our friends in Japan are running PyCon Japan 2014. Speaker Keith Yang will be talking a little bit about CheckiO on Sunday! Tickets will be sold through the 5th of September, so grab yours and Re-discover Python!

The results are in for the August O'Reilly competition in the Text Holes Golf mission! Here are your glorious champion scholars:

  • Taking third place is xtofl from Belgium,
  • In second is blaxmi from China,
  • And taking first place is Kerulen from Russia.

Each of these winning authors have just scored themselves e-book copies of their favorite O'Reilly books! Congrats to you three for making it to the top! The team behind CheckiO would also like to take a moment to thank pohmelie, who sacrificed their potentially contest winning solution to prove a flaw in the challenge's tests. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed and we very much appreciate all you've done for the community.

School's starting up for folks around the world and we've got a full course load! You'll find these in the famous CheckiO Library:

Discover the true power of your code in the new Index Power mission.
Write a totally awesome program to send and decode secret messages with your friends and friendly local secret agent man in Secret Messages.
Bust out your discrete mathematics text books, because it's time to Count Inversions.
Learn how many days old you are in the Days Between missions. I’m 7,665, but my license says 14,600...
X = True/False in the new Boolean Algebra mission. True or False, CheckiO is awesome!

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