• Simplifying Polynomials, Hacking Santa and CheckiO's Hardest Mission Yet!

from datetime import date

def is_today_international_programing_day():
    day_in_year = (date.today() - (date(date.today().year, 1, 0))).days + 1
    if day_in_year == 256:
        print("Happy International Programmer Day! " +
              "We've got three new missions for you and one of them's a real tough one!")
        print("We've got new missions for you anyway!")
Bust out your mad Python skills to slay your Algebra homework in the new Simplification mission!
Alright, fall is like the spring training of the winter holidays. We're going to get you ready to hack the Bag of Santa and score the coolest gifts ever!
Still not feeling challenged? Well, we'll serve up something truly hardcore for you. If you can defy the puzzle in Supply Stations, I'll be mad proud of you, because it's the most challenging mission we've come up with yet!

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