• Abra Kadabra Alakazam! *Poof* Dominoes!

Summer's in full swing and so are our world builders! We've got three new missions for you this week!

  • First up, we have Magic Domino, a challenging mission from the world builder pohmelie. Here, Nikola attempts to build a magic square from dominoes using his python skills.
  • Next is Oil Pie created by Bryukh. The drones are at it again, and this time they're going haywire over Sophia's world famous Oil Pie! Save a slice for us!
  • And lastly, we have another mission from Bryukh: Mind Switcher. In this mission, you will help the drones to sort out an accident caused by the backup machine. Use the proven Futurama theorem to put everyone back in the right head and body.

PyCon Australia is fast approaching and we'd like highlight a couple of events that would be worth your time!

On August 4th, our friends the DjangoGirls are running a free programming workshop for Women! So come on by to start a new project, have some sweet cupcakes and learn something new from the DjagoGirls mentors and coaches!

Paul Gampe will be holding a dinner talk on "The rise and Fall of Perl: Lessons for Python from an old Perl guy". He'll be talking about how Perl became a big thing and what he thinks Python can do to achieve that level of success as a programming language.

So that's everything we've got for you this week. If you're off to PyCon Australia, we hope you have a good time, enjoy the wonderful events and code something cool! If not, well, enjoy the summer and keep coding!

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