• Engage 4 new missions and awesome video!

It’s a bundle of mission this week! Which one are you going to tackle first?

  • Letter Queuebryukh has developed an Elementary Mission (+15 points for solve) based around the computer science concept of queues. Use a First-In-First-Out solution structure to process the given commands so a word moves from the front of the queue to the rear.
  • Digit Stackbryukh has another Elementary Mission(+15 points for solve), this time focus on data stacks. Your solution needs to take a sequence of commands and produce the sum of the digits as an integer.
  • Coins Golf – Three from bryukh this week, and it’s another Golf Mission! Take a list of coin and calculate the smallest amount of money that can’t be paid for with exact change. Remember, the shorter your code, the higher your score! blaxmi is a leader with 256 points. Can you do more?
  • Super Roothtamas offers up a Middle Math Mission (+40 points for solve), where Nicola is on the search for the “super root!” Given N as an integer, your solution should find x as a float or integer based on the provided formula.

Once you’ve gotten a good gander at those, be sure to check out CheckiO’s new short video! We’re excited to see the response and would love for you to view and then share it with your friends and peers who might also love to get involved in the CheckiO game community.

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