• Solve Mathematics Using your Python Skill!

The 11th World Robot Olympiad is happening this weekend from Friday 11/21 through Sunday 11/23 in Sochi, Russia. It's a bit late to build your own robot, but the events should prove to have some fascinating robotics involved! You might even get a chance to see Nikola, Sophia or Stephen there. They're robots after all!

PyCon China 2014 was a huge success, having occurred over the past weekend with loads of attendees and tons of events throughout five of China's top tech cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Zhuhai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. We expect next year to be even bigger and awesomer! And by the way, they're looking for speakers for 2015, so if you've got something cool to share, give it a shot!

Xs and Os Champions: Solve Tic-Tac-Toe with your own Python AI!
Broken Clock: Just link in the film Interstellar, you'll have to account for relativity in this mission!
Mathematically Lucky Tickets: Is your train ticket lucky? Figure it out with code!

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