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This week we've got two new missions for you straight out of Middle Earth. We've even made some nice improvements to the site which I'm sure you will all appreciate.

But first, I'd like to recognize two players who solved the Cryptographic Challenge from last week's news. In it, we challenged the entire CheckiO community to decrypt the message:


Which produced the message:

"Astrologers proclaim month of the cryptographer, population of ciphers grows."

When successfully decrypted. So, congrats to bunnychai and ablikexe for finding the correct solution. You've just won yourselves some sweet CheckiO T-Shirts!

Remember how Gandalf seemed to have trouble remembering the secret password to the Doors of Durin? By applying a little statistical and linguistic analysis, you'll have no trouble getting through the rest of the gates in the new Moria Doors mission.
The Hobbits are preparing for one of their famed parties, and two Hobbits in particular have trouble getting along long enough to complete their chores. Help the party kickoff without a hitch by automating the process for them in the Chicken Hunt mission.

Lastly, I'd like to announce that we made a number of improvements yesterday. Those changes are as follows:

  • Speed increase - We understand how important speed is to everyone's experience here on CheckiO, so we were are trying to increase speed here as much as possible.
  • Separate pages for publishing your solution - Since the publishing process is now on a separate page and not in the editor, you can see how your code will look for other users during reviews.
  • The author of a solution can change the category for their solutions and name or even remove it.
  • Authors of a mission can add the flag "Editors choice" to a solution.
  • The syntax highlighter was changed.

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