• Online classes are not my thing. What else does the CheckiO community recommend to supplement my learning in Python?

There are loads of free online resources which can help you to build your foundation of knowledge in Python and virtually any other programming language. For more information about free online course, we have a whole article outlining some of what we think are the best ones. If you code-monkey see, code-monkey do approach, or need some alternative learning tools to help you as you advance and take on some of the more difficult CheckiO challenges, check some of these out:

The NextDayVideo YouTube channel comes highly recommended by CheckiO player pohmelie. They post in depth tutorials, lectures, and interesting experiments related to coding with a pretty strong emphasis on Python.

CheckiO co-founder and mission maestro bryukh recommends a few books to really get into the finer details of Python. Two of his favorites for new Python coders are Learn Python by Mark Lutz, and Dive Into Python by Mark Pilgrim.

Another CheckiO player, Tiktin recommends the book Think Python - How to Think Like A Computer Scientist by Allen B. Downey. As he says, "it's a nice introduction to Python programming that starts with the basics and builds on all the way up to object oriented design, basic GUI and algorithm analysis."

Another CheckiO player running by the name Sergey recommends Learn Python the Hard Way written by Zed Shaw "it's a really great guide to help you start Python if you are already familiar with programming basics such as variables, loops and conditions."

To see more resources and recommendations, we suggest you take a look at the full forum post where we discuss the topic with the community.

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