• Going the Distance With Python

They say the world is smoother than a billiards ball when viewed relatively to one another. For these missions, it's even smoother and rounder than that! In such a perfect world, our favorite postal person should have some smooth sailing, wouldn't you say? Let's celebrate them this World Post Day by making their job easier with Python!

In a perfect world, geography, politics and the Coriolis affect don't matter when delivering a package to your international friends. Especially not in the new Earth Distances mission!
Now that the team at CheckiO have created our perfect world, it's time to solve the problem of efficiency in the new Logistics Golf mission!

Have you ever wanted to make your own Island in CheckiO? Well, with your feedback, we can make that happen! With just two minutes of your time, you can help decide the fate of the world of CheckiO!

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