• What Happened in Python During the Month of September

Helpful Tips: How to Develop Quality Python Code

If you're just starting out on your Python coding journey, it'd be worth taking a look at this article written by Benjamin Bengfort. In it, he lays out what you need to get started, giving suggestions for programming software, organizational tips, third party libraries and even gives some nice advice on how to begin your fist project.

Helpful Tips: Python Bad Practices

Tired of articles that tell you how you should do something without explaining why you shouldn't do something else? Julian Danjou got sick of seeing inelegant code and decided to school the world on just what counts as bad coding practices.

Cool Things Done in Python: Analyzing Rap Lyrics

In a talk given by Judie Lavoie at the Strange Loop conference, she discusses a Python program designed to analyze lyrics from rap songs to find certain patterns. In this case, she was looking for sexism in the music. To do this, she first scraped a number of songs from a rap wiki, then wrote a her Python code to find instances of sexism in a number of songs and tallies the total number of sexist words then averages it out over the number of songs by a particular artist.

Cool Things Done in Python: Turning a Laptop Into a CCTV

Vincent Prouillet, a programmer from London recently wrote up an article on his website about an interesting solution to a simple problem he was facing. Someone was eating his lunch so he coded a program which detects movement and takes a picture of the offending party.

Cool Things Done in Python: Map Your Google Locations

Here's a fun project just about anyone can try. Take the location based data Google's kept of your travels and use Python to map out where you've been! Creepy, or cool?

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