• This week in Python 10/11: The most Impressive things Done with Python

Python 3.4.2 is Now Available

The new release features a number of bug fixes, some minor improvements and a neat little feature for Mac OS X.

The Most Impressive Things Done With Python

/u/anakist over on reddit's /r/python sparked a fascinating discussion with a relatively simple question. What's the most impressive program made with Python? As a fan of Python's simplicity and elegance, I'd have to go with the hello world program simply because it illustrates everything brilliant about the language. What do you think is the most impressive program made with Python? Let us know in the comments!

print "hello world"

The Game of Life

Remember the Life Counter mission I told you about a couple weeks ago? Well, we weren't the only ones to celebrate Professor Conway's Game of Life. Tristan Hearn, a Software Developer at NASA recently wrote an article outlining his approach to the Game of Life using Python.

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