• This week in Python 10/24: Python in Gaming


This week, the BBC launched a programming game for young coders based on the Dr. Who universe. The game puts players in charge of "programming" the Daleks to accomplish various tasks and beat game missions. While not programming with Python or any other specific computer language, it does seem to provide something fun in the vein of the well known and loved Alice program. Right now the game is limited to citizens of the UK, but anyone with a VPN could ostensibly check it out.

Python Puzzlers

You might not have guessed it, but the team behind CheckiO love programming puzzles. So imagine my delight when someone compiled a presentation with some home made Python puzzles! Go on and give it a try and let me know how you did in the comments!

Rouguelike Gaming in Python

From Nethack to FTL, rouguelike games always present a fun challenge. A member of Rouguebasin, a wiki which catalogs a variety or roguelike games and relevant articles, recently put out an article on building a roguelike game with Python, and it's a fascinating read. It provides in depth tutorials on how to make a rougelike dungeon crawler and even goes into some detail about why Python is an excellent choice for game development.

Rasberry Pi introduces the "Pi Pad"

Rasberry Pi has always been known to be friendly towards Python development and recently, they unveiled a touch screen designed especially to interface with the micro computer. Oh the things you can do.

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