• So, I Just finished Code Academy's Python course ... what do I do next?

So, you wanted to learn How to code, worked hard and completed the Code Academy course for Python. As a result, you should now have some basic coding skills and an understanding of python syntax. Now what do you do?

At CheckiO, we think is the best next step to put your new knowledge to the test. CheckiO is a game for programmers which challenges you to solve real coding problems, with the helpful support of our knowledgeable community. We have over 100 challenges ranging in difficulty to help you level up your Python coding skills.

Here are some tips that will help you get started playing CheckiO:

  1. Start with the Library Island. If you are just getting warmed up and feel like you still have much to learn about python, then the Library Island is the best place to begin your journey in CheckiO. This island is specially designed to be a practice area with challenges designed for beginning coders.
  2. Do not stress the hard stuff. We have hints and tips to help you tackle the big problem. This is yet another great reason to start off with on the library island. If you find yourself well and truly stuck on a challenging mission, just click one button to learn the tricks you need to solve the mission.
  3. You are not alone in your coding journey, there are many other coders just like you are who are helping each other to grow by sharing their knowledge in the forum. Most of them were in your shoes at some point recently and are eager to chat about questions, missions, the quirks of Python, just want to get to know other coders like them. CheckiO comes with a built-in support network, so use it!
  4. You can use your favorite editor code to your solution. We have a Chrome Plugin which lets you easily link the solution you've coded in your favorite IDE to the mission you are working on in CheckiO. Our plugin allows you to use whatever tools you need to feel comfortable with to help you code. We recommend using our in-game editor as a start, or if you want to try a free local IDE, check out PyCharm, one of our favorites.

If you're still having trouble making the jump from Code Academy to CheckiO, try reading some Python documentation. We recommend paying close attention to regular expressions as it's a subject you will regularly work with here in CheckiO.

At CheckiO, we believe that the best way to learn how to code through practice. That's why we've created so many missions for you to solve, discuss and compare with other CheckiO players. Every challenge has you solve a practical application in the real world which we do our best to outline in every mission. Happy coding!

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The main idea behind these games is to give you the opportunity to learn by exchanging experience with the rest of the community. Every day we are trying to find interesting solutions for you to help you become a better coder.

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