• I love CheckiO, but would like to try developing solutions in my own IDE. Where should I start?

CheckiO players are very passionate about their code and like to code in the environments that make the most comfortable. If you'd prefer to code in an IDE, but don't know where to start, community members Cjkvfnby, Veky and MackM have a couple suggestions for you.

"The Best IDE for python is PyCharm. There are two versions of it, the first one is the community edition and the second is the commercial edition which supports django, flask and other web frameworks. I think PyCharm is the best because it has great features for editing text, an inspector to find Python mistakes, and even refactoring tools for faster coding. " -Cjkvfnby
"Do not overthink IDEs. If you already have a favorite, use it. But otherwise, IDLE is completely fine for a beginner. It's also fine for some non-beginners, eg me. :-D " -Veky
"I code in IDLE and debug in PyScripter." -MackM

Don't forget, you can use your favorite Editor code to your solution . We have a Chrome Plugin which lets you easily link the solution you've coded in your favorite IDE to the mission you are working on in CheckiO. Our plugin allows you to use whatever tools you need to feel comfortable with to help you code.

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