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Why Python is the most popular programming language?

Python is number 1!
2019/10/31 15:14
by oduvan

This week’s missions: Permutation Index and Reversed Permutation Index

Catch the new missions and show us what you've got!
2019/10/24 11:29
by oduvan

TOP 5 Software Failures of 2018–2019 (#5 is pretty alarming)

You have to see a few recent software failure examples from 2018-2019.
2019/10/17 11:14
by oduvan

This week’s missions: Landing Site and Power Plants

Test yourself and have fun with the missions we have for you.
2019/10/10 11:51
by oduvan

New Python on CheckiO

CheckiO has been updated to a new Python 3.8
2019/08/29 00:44
by oduvan

This week’s missions: Delivery Drone and Hexagonal Islands

Test yourself and have fun with the new missions we have for you.
2019/07/19 06:20
by oduvan

Visual and Speed Efficiency

Check out great articles on visual and speed efficiency.
2019/05/22 13:07
by oduvan

CheckiO tools for creating missions

Be an awesome coder and find out how to create your own missions on CheckiO.
2018/10/17 23:18
by oduvan

How To Publish A Package On PyPI

Going over the steps of publishing a module, package or library on PyPI.
2018/10/04 07:00
by likewind

checkio-client & Web Extension

Presenting a new CheckIO tool with a broad set of functions.
2018/09/27 11:05
by oduvan

Python in science

The description of using Python in the different sciences and science projects.
2018/09/20 07:11
by likewind

Using Regular Expressions in Python

Going through the powerful possibilities of regular expressions along with the vivid examples of their usage.
2018/09/13 06:48
by likewind

The Escher’s Island

The Escher’s Island is now open.
2018/09/06 12:28
by oduvan

Let the treasure hunt begin!

The Escher’s Island is now open for those who seek adventure and are ready to show their best to get the treasures.
2018/08/31 10:31
by oduvan

7 Strategies For Optimizing Your Code

Going over the ways in which you can make your code more efficient.
2018/08/28 07:48
by likewind

How to write secure code in Python

Going over some Python vulnerabilities in terms of ensuring code security.
2018/08/22 18:05
by likewind

How to translate code from Python 2 to Python 3

Here we’ll take a look at some differences between Python 2 and 3, and the ways you can make your code be more compatible with the last version of the language.
2018/08/16 06:26
by likewind

Data science & data analysis most effective libraries

Going through the Python libraries that every data analyst has to know about.
2018/08/07 08:28
by likewind

Object-oriented programming on CheckIO

A short overview of the changes that has taken place on CheckIO and how the OOP fitted into them.
2018/08/01 07:12
by oduvan

Design Patterns. Part 4

Becoming more familiar with the State and Interpreter design patterns.
2018/07/18 16:16
by likewind
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