• Recall Tools For String Interpolation In Yet Another Sliding Window Mission

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Today's digest is dedicated to strings. We offer you to dive deeply into different instruments for string interpolation and find the shortest window in strings to have all needed characters.


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Minimum Window Substring by freeman_lex -

Given a string line and a pattern, write a function to find the minimum window substring of the line that contains at least all the characters of the pattern (may contain other characters also). The order of the characters in the line/pattern doesn't matter, but the letter case does. Your function should return a tuple of starting and ending indexes of line which form the needed window (right border is excluded). If there is no such substring in line to match pattern, return (-1, -1).

window("ADOBECODEBANC", "ABC") == (9, 13)
window("ab", "a") == (0, 1)
window("ab", "A") == (-1, -1)


String Interpolation in Python -

String interpolation allows you to create strings by inserting objects into specific places in a target string template. Python has several tools for string interpolation, including f-strings, the str.format() method, and the modulo operator (%). Python’s string module also provides the Template class, which you can use for string interpolation. The author covers them in the article.


Tricky code for simple operation. I like it the moment I see it. How do you think, what the following code does?

from math import sumprod

def ?????(levels: list[int]) -> int:
    return abs(sumprod(sorted(levels), (1, -1, -1, 1)))

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