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The Centrifuge Problem by freeman_lex - Get ready to spin into the captivating world of the balanced centrifuge problem! Picture yourself as the maestro of physics, orchestrating a perfect balance within a centrifuge filled with tubes of liquids at different positions.

Your task? Your function does not actually need to construct the balanced configuration of test tubes, but merely determine whether at least one balanced configuration exists for the given number of slots an number of tubes. With Python as your trusty sidekick, dive into this intriguing puzzle and unlock the secrets of equilibrium within the centrifuge. It's a fun and fascinating challenge that will leave you spinning with excitement!

balanced_centrifuge(6, 3) == True
balanced_centrifuge(7, 0) == True
balanced_centrifuge(15, 8) == False


Python Deque Tutorial With 7 Example Use Cases - The Python data structure collections. Deque is invaluable for efficiently managing double-ended queues, offering constant time complexity for operations such as adding or removing elements from both ends, making it ideal for tasks like implementing efficient breadth-first search algorithms or managing sliding window operations in a variety of applications. This tutorial teaches what is , how to work with it and provides some example use cases.


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def ?????????(donuts: list[int]):
    for o in donuts:
        yield o
        if not o:
            yield o

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