• Python May Move To Calendar Versioning! But For Saving Files Use Number Versioning

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Read about possible upcoming changes in Python Calendar Versioning and try to find out a correct file name for saving.


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Save File by freeman_lex -

You are given a sequence of names of existing files and a single filename that need to be saved into the sequence. If a file with the same name already exists in the sequence, a numerical suffix (n) should be added to the file name (the first integer n, with which a new filename is not present in the sequence). Note, that filename may already include one or more suffixes. The function should return the name with which the file will be saved into the sequence.

save_file((), "name.txt") == "name.txt"
save_file(("test.txt",), "name.txt") == "name.txt"
save_file(("name.txt",), "name.txt") == "name(1).txt"


The Python Language Summit 2024: Should Python adopt Calendar Versioning? -

Hugo van Kemenade, the newly announced Release Manager for Python 3.14 and 3.15, started the Language Summit with a proposal to change Python's versioning scheme. The goal of Hugo's proposal was to make expectations around versioning, backwards compatibility, and support timelines clearer for Python users. See the explanation in the following article.


How do you think, what the following code does?

def ?????????(*args) -> int:
    for i in range(min(args), 0, -1):
        dl = lambda x: x // i == x / i
        if all(map(dl, args)):
    return i

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