• An Importance Of Writing A Readable Code And Playing with Factorial Digits!

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For your attention is an article about so called clever code, code golfing and why it's bad from the point of industry-quality code. Today's mission is about counting digits in factorial. Try it!


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Factorial Zeros by freeman_lex -

Write a function that finds the number of zeros at the end of the decimal expansion of factorial n!. Because factorials grow very fast, it is not a good strategy to calculate n! and count the zeros.

fact_zeros(2) == 0
fact_zeros(5) == 1
fact_zeros(20) == 4


Clever code is probably the worst code -

Why code golfing is cool but very far from good code and the clearest code was actually the hardest to write.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»CODE SHOT

How do you think, what the following code does?

def ????????(items: list[int]) -> list[int]:

    for i in range(items.count(0)):

    return items

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