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Min & Max and More

Time to delve into the notable and newsworthy from CheckiO and our users. What do we have for you this week?
7th May 2014 05:00

New missions and CheckiO member awesomeness abound this week!

<p>We’re sure a lot of you will be excited to hear that we have a new mission!
30th April 2014 00:17

What’s new? So glad you asked....

Did you attend this year’s PyCon? If you did, then you may already know about this fantastic news: CheckiO was a Startup Row Honoree!
23rd April 2014 23:37

Behold! Your CheckiO news update has arrived!

Because we’re sure your schedule is full of hurrying and scurrying about and trying to catch up with plenty of important work, let’s dive right in to this week’s delightful trove of updates.
15th April 2014 22:14

CheckiO Checks In!

We’ve got some major updates, news, and notes to share with the CheckiO community today!
10th April 2014 12:53

Follow closely now...because we’ve got new CheckiO Achievement Badges!

We’ve added a handful of CheckiO Achievement Badges dedicated to Following & Followers!
9th April 2014 21:22

Meetup and Fierce “Fight Club” Competition in Kiev

Thanks to everyone who attended our Kiev meetup!
9th April 2014 21:00

CheckiO Spotlights New Community Missions, Musings, and Meetups!

It’s a new week with new news from CheckiO! That’s one of the things we love most about this growing community—being able to share all the exciting happenings and upcoming events, many of which would get lost behind the scenes if we didn’t take the time to show you. You all deserve the attention for the amazing effort you’ve been putting into the platform.
27th March 2014 21:41

CheckiO Community Digest

We have a new task from Ana_Pana, an interesting publication analysis by PositronicLlama and we have a discussion on performance in CheckiO.
13th March 2014 23:11

A nifty Infographic and CheckiO Meetups

A nifty Infographic and CheckiO Meetups
6th March 2014 01:22

CheckiO pair programming

It’s amazing to see this offline movement to get start growing and we are very happy that CheckiO helps to bring developers together in real life to exchange ideas about coding.
6th March 2014 01:07

CheckiO infographics

We have collected more exciting information about you and the community in this small infographics picture
5th March 2014 21:16

The first CheckiO Survey

This week we wanted to ask you to take part in a quick survey. It shouldn’t take any more than a minute to complete and could help us take a huge leap in understanding our community.
26th February 2014 08:23

Library 2.0

The missions located in the Library are not only for novice coders.
20th February 2014 03:43

Categories on CheckiO

CheckiO was not always just a set of puzzles but also a new way of learning. Learning through the doing and through the exchange of experience with the community. - a community which is growing every day.
15th February 2014 04:36

Get to know our January Star Player!

Nickie is one of the most busy bees on the forum and never short of a great code review. Real Star Player material!
10th February 2014 08:02

Down the rabbit hole

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland's author Lewis Carroll was a mathematician and a logician, studying and teaching geometry, linear and matrix algebra, mathematical logic and recreational mathematics at Oxford University. Follow the white rabbit and hurry to our whole new island, filled with missions based on Lewis' tricky Puzzles from Wonderland!
6th February 2014 09:55

Bulls, cows and captcha’s

29th January 2014 19:12

DropBox winners and more tasks on CheckiO

21st January 2014 18:36

Meet us in Downtown Vegas!

17th January 2014 07:25
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