• Discover the New Features in CheckiO ClassRoom

We're proud to announce a significant redesign of the ClassRoom Manager, kickstarting the comprehensive redesign of the entire CheckiO platform. This new look enhances usability and aesthetics, aligning with our goal to provide the best educational tools.

Live Updates for Dynamic Class Management

Instantaneous Tracking: Experience real-time updates in the Leaderboard, Development, and Practice tables, keeping you continuously informed of your students' progress.

Active Monitoring: In the Development section, view which students are currently online and the missions they are working on, for immediate classroom engagement.

Enhancing Learning with Pair Programming

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, the Pair Programming feature remains a highlight, enabling direct collaboration with students in real-time coding sessions.

You can dive into a pair coding session directly from the solution history page. If your student is currently solving a mission, you can join in and contribute, making the learning process more collaborative and interactive.

Simplified Privacy Settings

New explanatory buttons next to each setting help you make informed decisions, ensuring clarity and control over your classroom settings.

Exclusive Offer: 50% Discount for New Awesome Teachers!

Please remember, free account users have access to limited analytics, with data for only 3 users in the Development and Practice sections, and without live updates.

On top of that Awesome Teacher Account will get:

  • Access to all solutions without solving.
  • Access to the full map opened.
  • All of the students are awesome without any limitations.

To celebrate our latest updates, we're offering new subscribers a 50% discount for their first year when they become an Awesome Teacher this month. Use the promo code dgeSeWak7Faa to take advantage of this offer and elevate your teaching experience! Our latest updates to CheckiO ClassRoom are designed to make your educational experience more efficient, engaging, and enjoyable. We look forward to your feedback as we continue to innovate and improve.

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