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In the missions you need to distribute 🩸 from donor to recipients properly, paint a specific shape of cells with minimum number of steps and split a correct r-mahjong 🀄 hand into sets by certain rules (and it's just the first mission in a whole series!). Looks interesting, isn't it?!

Blood distribution by dig - Your mission is to distribute available blood of different types to patients requiring transfusions, considering each blood type's compatibility restrictions. The blood supply is not always sufficient to meet all demands. You'll be provided with the quantities of each blood type and the needs of each patient type. Your goal is to optimally allocate the available blood, respecting compatibility rules. Keep in mind that there could be multiple optimal solutions, those that utilize the maximum possible amount of the available blood supply.

distribute_blood({'A': 30, 'B': 60, 'AB': 30, 'O': 60}, {'A': 30, 'B': 40, 'AB': 50, 'O': 60}) == 
   'A': {'A': 30, 'B': 0,  'AB': 0,  'O': 0},
   'B': {'A': 0,  'B': 40, 'AB': 20, 'O': 0},
  'AB': {'A': 0,  'B': 0,  'AB': 30, 'O': 0},
   'O': {'A': 0,  'B': 0,  'AB': 0, 'O': 60}

Grid Painting by kurosawa4434 - This mission paints designated cells in a 5x5 grid with a brush. And return its minimum number of steps.

Each cell is assigned a letter of the alphabet from A to Y (Row-major order). Use this as input value. You can paint vertically (or horizontally) consecutive cells with any width brush at a time.

NOTE: Don't paint undesignated cells. The cell may be painted multiple times.

grid_painting("ABCFGHMRX") == 3
grid_painting("GHLMNRS") == 2
grid_painting("GHILNQRS") == 4

R-mahjong Ⅰ: break hand into sets by gleb10101010101 - This mission is the beginning of a series of missions dedicated to Japanese game "riichi mahjong". In each subsequent mission, your task will become more difficult.

The meaning of riichi mahjong is to collect a certain combination of cards by discarding and taking cards. In this it resembles poker, only there are much more cards in it, and the rounds are longer. The cards in this game are called tiles, and each player has 14 of them.

The goal of the mission is to split this set of tiles ("hand") into sets.

riichi_mahjong_sets(['m2', 's9', 'p9', 'dg', 's3', 's2', 'm1', 's8', 'dg', 'p9', 'dg', 's7', 's1', 'm3']) == ['dggg', 'm123', 'p99', 's123', 's789']


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