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Hello CheckiO users! 🙂

Thank you for all of your great feedback about our biggest release last month. That is very encouraging and motivates us for even higher achievements.

We have python 3.10 on Py CheckiO, finally. There are a ton of articles about what is so cool with Python 3.10, but I have two of my favorites - match...case and better syntax error highlighting. What Did I miss?

Challenge yourself with our missions

Shorter Set - In a given set of integers, you need to remove minimum and maximum elements.

remove_min_max({8, 9, 18, 7}, 1) == {8, 9}
remove_min_max({1, 2, 7, 8, 9}, 2) == {7}

Birthday Party - I want to celebrate my birthday on the closes weekend.

birthday_party(date(2022, 1, 5)) == date(2022, 1, 8)
birthday_party(date(2022, 2, 21)) == date(2022, 2, 26)

Greedy Number - Your mission here is to find the biggest possible number using given digits and specific rules.

greedy_number("571", 2) == "71"
greedy_number("12", 1) == "2"
greedy_number("763832", 3) == "832"

Our congratulations to the winner of October 2021 - tssrkt777 - you are totally Awesome and we are very glad to have you here with us! 👏🏼

The users who’ve made the TOP 3 this month are przemyslaw.daniel, 9Teen90Three, and amvasiliev80.You are doing great, guys! Keep on coding! 👏🏼

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