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Happy Wednesday!

I’d like to kick things off by congratulating our CheckiO Github contest winners for the Determine the Order mission! Here are your Kings of Python:

Third Place: Moonra for Happy Swapping!

Second Place: EnCuKou for First

Grand Prize: Cairnarvon for First

These three have won some sweet prizes from GitHub! Congratulations to them, and thank you for participating everyone!

This week I would like to announce the creation of the CheckiO Youtube Channel. We’re very excited about this and hope to put out tutorials on CheckiO related stuff as well as cool new videos and presentations on Python!

We also have two new (kind of easy) tasks for you! First we have The Hamming Distance for you. It can be found on O’Reilly Island. The second task is called Median and can also be found on O’Reilly Island. I’d like to thank Bilou06 for helping to create this task! We are working on a huge list of new tasks created by various CheckiO players which you will see in the coming weeks!

I would like to take some time to let everyone know about our Email Review program. Every week we send out random publications to a team of email reviewers who offer their time to review the publication. It’s a great way to help the development of our community by offering your expertise and input. This week we are sending out publications from the Open Labyrinth mission on the Home Island. If you are interested in getting involved with the Email Review team, feel free to email me back.

Lastly, while they didn’t win the contest, I would like to highlight a specific player publication this week. Kurush decided to go quite a bit above and beyond simply solving the task. Their solution, First for Determine the order not only solved the task, but did so three times in one solution! So Kurush, thank you for this publication, you have made something spectacular!

Wow we sure had a lot of news this week! So that’s all for now, I’ll catch you next week on CheckiO!


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