• Snakes on a Ticket

Hello Everyone!

It’s Wednesday Again! So this week I would like to announce the new tasks for this week. The first is called Snake. That task can be found at the Incinerator Station. The second is called Mathematically Lucky Ticket and was written by Kvas, a member of the CheckiO player community! That task is in the Old Library Station.

I’d like to let you know that we have implemented a markup feature for commenting. This means you can highlight bits of your code in the comments and on forum posts and make your posts look fancy.

We have also made some fixes to the score based games and their tasks: Tetris and Lines. The problem was that these games could not run for very long before crashing. Now you can come up with bigger and grander solutions.

Lastly, I would like to remind you that replies made to your comments or forum posts will send you email notifications with the full text of the reply or comment. We have recently improved the emails so that you can simply reply to the email and your comment will be posted to the site. Your emailed reply will post to the site as a new comment.

That’s all for this weeks news, have a wonderful rest of your week!


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