• F.A.Q

  1. Best Python Practices

    1.1 Introduction

    1.2 Is the solution simple and elegant?

    1.3 Is my code easy to read?

    1.4 Have I explained my code through comments so others may understand?

  2. The CheckiO Handbook

    2.1 Introduction

    2.2 Rules of the game

    2.3 Tips for users

    2.4 Forum tips

  3. CheckiO Editor

    3.1 Introduction

    3.2 The Editor

  4. Create Your Own Missions


    4.1 How to create a new task

    4.2 How to create your repository

    4.3 How to add your task in the catalog

    4.4 How to debug your task

    4.5 How to update to the new version of your task

    4.6 How to publish your task

    4.7 Requirements for the task

    4.8 Adding translation to a mission

    4.9 Having some troubles?

  5. Supported Modules for Python 3.6

  6. The Most Common Mistakes

  7. Resources for Learning Python

  8. About tests and heavy data

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