• Levels

CheckiO has a lot of features that become available, or unlocked, with higher levels. Here is a list of all the potential features and at which levels they become available to users.

Level 2 - Search

The search tool allows you to find more new and interesting solutions using language keywords.

Level 3 - Activity

On the personal activity page you can see what people you follow are doing on CheckiO. Things like sharing or commenting on solutions will be shown here so you can be the first to see and engage with them.

Level 4 - Quest Points

Starting from this level you’ll be receiving certain tasks - quests. You’ll need to solve them during a particular period of time in order to get the Quest Points (QP), which can be later used to unlock the closed missions or islands, to gain access to solutions of other users before you've solved the task in question yourself, or to buy an Awesome Account. You can read more about it in our article.

Level 6 - 2 Votes

Here your opinion becomes more valuable as a strong player so you are able to vote not only +1 or -1 but also +2 or -2

Level 7 - Code Review by Email

You can subscribe by email to new and interesting solutions to missions you already solved. You can also make a code review of those solutions by simply reply on email. Change frequency of emails in settings.

Level 9 - 3 Votes

At this level, you are able to vote +3 -3.

Level 10 - Create Own CheckiO Mission

On the CheckiO Mission Manager you can create your own mission and take part in discussion of other new missions being created. This is one of the most important features because every mission must be approved by the community before being added to the CheckiO map.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the game.

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