• Missing images in multiple task description


From a "like notification", I came to the Minesweeper mission where I noticed an image should be in the story, but was not there. I smell a mystery!

Then I did go to the "task_description.html" in the repository there where I quickly understand the url is somehow wrong. Looking at well displayed images, I find that the url should starts with "https://py-static.checkio.org/" instead of "/". With that change, I found the missing image.

Then, I was quite sure this was not the only one missing image. So I searched in Checkio-Missions repositories for similar wrong urls for "images in the background":


so at least 8 missions may have a missing image.

Possible fixes, for every similar repository in task description:

  • Add "https://py-static.checkio.org" in the path of the url. Simple but if someday, the url changes again for some reason, the problem would be here again.
  • Add images to their respective repository in info/media folder (it is not the case right now), and replace the url by "{{MEDIA}}file-name.extension" since it is the recommanded way to add images, right? It requires more work but it should work "forever".

Please, do not forgot about translations, the change is probably required there too...

Then sync missions!

Now I hope oduvan sees this and fix this. The missing images are quite good, they probably required some work and it is a bit of a shame we can't see them anymore.