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"Nikola, what’s wrong with Stephen?" Sofia shouted in fear when she saw Nikola poking his tools inside Stephen’s leg.

"He stepped on a landmine."


"Don't worry. The robots in his class have an extremely strong frame unlike us; he was mostly unscathed by the explosion. Once I double check everything, I’ll send him in for cleaning."

"But where did he even find the landmine?"

"Yes, that's the question we should be worrying about. There's a landmine field about a 2 hour walk away from here. It looks like somebody is protecting something, or maybe protecting themselves from something. However, there is no easy way to cross that field.

"Is Stephen conscious now? Can he hear us?"

"No, but I know what you want to ask and my answer is no! We are not going to let Stephen clear a path through the field for us. Even his fireproof frame will not be able to endure the blasts for that long. Plus it’s an extremely unpleasant activity."

"How could you think that I would even ask something like that?" Sofia said angrily.

"So what was your question about then?"

"It doesn’t matter…so what do you propose? What are our options?"

"We will let you go there," said Nikola.

"What?! My frame isn't as strong as Stephen’s! No. No. No. I may be beautiful and expensive, but that doesn't mean I am durable and reliable."

"There is a magnetic field there so every landmine is drawn to a metallic frame."

"Oh, so it won't be as bad if I go there?"

"Exactly. You have almost no metallic details --you can easily move around there." ...

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