• Two ideas about creating forum post


1. I'm suggesting a little change in "creating post's message".

Welcome to the forum!

Please, try to browse the forum by a specific task tag. You can use a search field in the right-top panel.

Also make sure that you’ve checked hints for the mission.

Don't forget to attach your code (you need to copy/paste it, with another indentation to tell the forum it is code) to the forum-post and formalize the question.

When your issue has been resolved in any way, please, make a point to click "Resolved" at the top of your post.

Thank you and enjoy the game!

PS: Tag "for_advisers" when you want advice on your not working code.

NB: See the most common mistakes.

It is really common to see people share url such as "https://py.checkio.org/mission/.../solve/" instead of their code, which is not indented in most cases, and then hard to read.

I don't remember where I saw it but the tag "for_advisers" hide forum posts to users that did not solve the mission yet, right? So talk about it in this message seems a great idea to me.

Well, and a quick link to the most common mistakes also seems a great idea to me.

PS: Note that this idea would be great too.

2. Find the tag code about a mission OR create "Discuss on forum" button in the editor

It does not seem easy to me, so to new people... The only way I see is click on discuss when I am on task description, and copy it from "search area". Or write "task.mission-name-with-dashes" but you have to know it...

I noticed that CheckiO knows the last mission I tried to solve (on left panel), so a button "add last mission tag" that finds this tag seem possible to me.

Or propose a list of tag-mission suggestions.

Or propose "create forum post" from task descriptions that automatically add the tag.

Edit (better idea): I forgot there is a right way to create forum post: click on "discuss" from task description then click on "Your new Post".

But since a lot of forum posts does not have the right mission tag, people goes to the forum first. Because there is no "discuss on forum" button in the editor. And people having problem are usually in the editor. Add this button in editor could be great.