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In this task you you already have the solution. The problem is that it has a bug and you must try to find and fix it. "import", "exec" and "eval" don't work for this task.

You are given a string that contains a list with integers or nested lists. The integers could have single plus.... For an incorrectly formatted string -- raise . Elements of the array are separated by commas.

A string.

The list with nested lists or integers.

parse_array("[1, 2, 3]") == [1, 2, 3]
parse_array("[[1], 2, 3]") == [[1], 2, 3]
parse_array("[-3, [-2, 0], 10]") == [-3, [-2, 0], 10]

This task is designed for you to show off your bug hunting skills. The parser code itself can be modified and improved to work as part of a larger more complex parsing system.

depth < 5
∀ x ∈ data : -1000 < x < 1000

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