• Mission Complexity/Account Difficulty


We decided to develop a brief explanation of mission complexity levels, which are used at CheckiO (by default - for Easy account difficulty). Here they are:

1. Elementary:

Tasks at this level involve basic syntax and fundamental concepts. Suitable for beginners who are just starting to learn Python. Examples include simple variable assignments, basic arithmetic operations, and basic data types.

2. Elementary+:

Slightly more advanced than elementary tasks. Introduces basic control flow structures like loops and conditionals. Requires a bit more understanding of Python's foundational concepts.

3. Simple:

Involves more complex programming constructs and a deeper understanding of Python. Tasks may include functions, lists, and basic file operations. Appropriate for learners with a basic grasp of Python's syntax.

4. Simple+:

Builds on simple tasks by incorporating more advanced data structures. Requires knowledge of dictionaries, sets, and comprehension techniques. Tasks may involve solving problems using basic algorithms.

5. Moderate:

Challenges learners with tasks that require a good understanding of Python's libraries and modules. Involves more complex algorithms and problem-solving skills. Requires a deeper understanding of concepts like classes and object-oriented programming.

6. Moderate+:

Further extends moderate-level tasks with more intricate problem-solving scenarios. Involves working with external libraries and handling more complex data structures. Challenges learners to write efficient and well-structured code.

7. Challenging:

Demands advanced knowledge of Python and its ecosystem. Involves complex algorithms, data manipulation, and advanced topics like decorators and metaclasses. Suitable for learners with a solid foundation in Python programming.

8. Challenging+:

Represents the highest level of complexity. Requires expertise in Python, algorithmic thinking, and a deep understanding of various Python libraries. Tasks may involve optimizing code for performance, solving intricate problems, or implementing advanced features.

By default, for Normal account difficulty the mission complexity is one level easier (or Elementary) and for Advanced account difficulty - two levels easier (or Elementary).

Each mission has its complexity written under the title (or near the title at station page). This complexity title is also a link to popup with its explanation and link to this post. (in development)

This post is not final. We would be glad to receive your feedback, suggestions to the post itself, about explanation clarification of complexity levels and opinions about distinct missions, which complexity level should be changed for specific account difficulty.