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"If, however, in our perversity we are still bent on constructing a sentence that does attribute falsity unequivocally to itself, we can do so thus:

`Yields a falsehood when appended to its own quotation` yields a falsehood when appended to its own quotation.

This sentence specifies a string of nine words and says of this string that if you put it down twice, with quotation marks around the first of the two occurrences, the result is false. But that result is the very sentence that is doing the telling. The sentence is true if and only if it is false, and we have our antinomy."
-- "The Ways of Paradox and Other Essays" W.V. Quine 1976

A quine is a computer program which takes no input and produces a copy of its own source code as the only output. These types of programs are often known as "self-replicating programs", "self-reproducing programs", or"self-copying programs" in the computer sciences fields.

You should implement a function (this function..., the result should be a string which is a copy of ANSWER_CODE. You can check this in your local environment with the following:

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