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You are the developer of the new strategy game and you need to add the soldier creation process to it. Let's start with the 2 types - AsianArmy and EuropeanArmy (each of them will be a subclass of the Army - class with the methods for the creation of soldiers). Also there will be 3 types of soldiers in the game - Swordsman, Lancer, and Archer (also the classes). Each army has unique names for those 3 types. For the EuropeanArmy there are: Knight (for Swordsman), Raubritter (for Lancer), and Ranger (for Archer). For the AsianArmy:...
Each army can create all 3 types of the soldiers using the next methods:

(name) - create an instance of the Swordsman.
(name) - create an instance of the Lancer.
(name) - create an instance of the Archer.

All 3 classes (Swordsman, Lancer, and Archer) should have the method, which returns the string that describes the soldiers in the following format:
"'type' 'name', 'army type' 'specialization(basic class)'", for example:
"Raubritter Harold, European lancer"
"Shinobi Kirigae, Asian archer"

In this mission you should use the design pattern.


my_army = EuropeanArmy()
enemy_army = AsianArmy()

soldier_1 = my_army.train_swordsman("Jaks")
soldier_2 = my_army.train_lancer("Harold")
soldier_3 = my_army.train_archer("Robin")

soldier_4 = enemy_army.train_swordsman("Kishimoto")
soldier_5 = enemy_army.train_lancer("Ayabusa")
soldier_6 = enemy_army.train_archer("Kirigae")

soldier_1.introduce() == "Knight Jaks, European swordsman"
soldier_2.introduce() == "Raubritter Harold, European lancer"
soldier_3.introduce() == "Ranger Robin, European archer"
soldier_4.introduce() == "Samurai Kishimoto, Asian swordsman"
soldier_5.introduce() == "Ronin Ayabusa, Asian lancer"
soldier_6.introduce() == "Shinobi Kirigae, Asian archer"

The names of the soldiers and class methods.

The description of soldiers.

For game development.

2 types of the army.
3 categories of soldiers.

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