• This week's mission: Next Birthday


Hello CheckiO users! 🙂

💪 Challenge yourself with our latest mission:

The mission is called Next Birthday created by Phil15 and here you need to find the number of days from today to the closest birthday of one of the family members along with their age.

birthdates = {
    'Brian': (1967, 5, 31),
    'Léna': (1970, 10, 3),
    'Philippe': (1991, 6, 15),
    'Yasmine': (1996, 2, 29),
    'Emma': (2000, 12, 25),
next_birthday((2020, 9, 8), birthdates) == (25, {'Léna': 50})
next_birthday((2021, 10, 4), birthdates) == (82, {'Emma': 21})
next_birthday((2022, 3, 1), birthdates) == (0, {'Yasmine': 26})
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🏋 The users who’ve made the TOP 3 this month are Stensen, dan_s, and rossras. You are doing great, guys! Keep on coding!

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