Next Birthday Next Birthday

You have to write a function that receives a "today" date and a dictionary of family birthdates, and for the person(s) whose birthday is next (today or later), return the number of days between "today" and that birthday, and the age they will be.

Note about leap days: If someone is born on February 29th, then he or she will celebrate birthdays on March 1st when necessary.

Input: Two arguments:

  • a tuple of three integers (year, month, day) representing a date;
  • a dictionary: keys are string and values are dates.
Output: An integer and a dictionary (keys are string and values are integers).

birthdates = {
    'Brian': (1967, 5, 31),
    'Léna': (1970, 10, 3),
    'Philippe': (1991, 6, 15),
    'Yasmine': (1996, 2, 29),
    'Emma': (2000, 12, 25),
next_birthday((2020, 9, 8), birthdates) == (25, {'Léna': 50})
next_birthday((2021, 10, 4), birthdates) == (82, {'Emma': 21})
next_birthday((2022, 3, 1), birthdates) == (0, {'Yasmine': 26})


  • All the dates are valid (see the datetime module) and the next birthdays are valid for everyone.
  • Everyone is alive: all(today >= birthdate for birthdate in birthdates.values())
  • birthdates is never empty.