• It is time to become awesome

Hi there

I got a lot of feedbacks in the discussion around monetization. After all the entire Community who have convinced me to keep this project open.

We decided to add a new type of account on CheckiO. It’s called the ‘Awesome User’. I hear from other people so much, “You guys are Awesome, and you build an Awesome product.” Which means that our developers are not the only ones building this product, but the entire CheckiO community. And so, I want to show how awesome you really are.

Once you become an Awesome User, your account will be highlighted and you will get an additional communication tools. We will not close any access for free accounts, but there will be a short time delay before user are able to see all possible coding solutions -- and while user are waiting, one can still use the Random-Review feature to see solutions in a random way. There are a lot of ways to become an Awesome User, and a subscription is just one option.

Thank you so much for your continued support. I believe that together we can make CheckiO better.


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