• What will be the future of CheckiO?


Hi guys

My name is Alex and I’m the founder of CheckiO. A very first version of CheckiO was released more than 5 years ago and for a long period of time it was run only by me off my own money. Coding was always my passion, even now, 5 years later, I’m still full of ideas to build coding-games.

More and more people became involved in the project. We have also received investment in the company. All of this has helped elevate CheckiO to new levels and allowed us to launch Empire of Code.

Since the beginning, the project has been completely free to use. Anyone can play the game, exchange experience, find new friends - without any restrictions.

This is very crucial period for CheckiO. The project is growing and we must find a sustainable business model so CheckiO can continue. I find the CheckiO community to be the most valuable part of the project so I want to hear your thoughts before we make any big decisions.

It is our intention to always allow people to play CheckiO for free, but we believe CheckiO should add a subscription service, with a paid account that helps makes the business sustainable.

Free accounts on CheckiO will allow people to solve puzzles, publish solutions, do a random review, but to access advanced features such as the leader board or see the best solutions, then one should become a paid customer.

We want to keep the price low, only $2.99 per month or $25 per year.

I believe that these changes will help CheckiO become a more vibrant community, with new weekly missions, new coding experiments and even more fun features.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

PS: The first upgrade after collecting feedbacks. http://www.checkio.org/forum/post/9159/what-will-be-the-future-of-checkio/#comment-40007 . I'm still looking for more feedbacks

PPS: Final version http://www.checkio.org/purchases/become-awesome/ Give us your feedback about this one.