• Hire Junior Developer To Create Hollow Diamond Using Soft Skills

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Did you know, that On Easy difficulty, each of the few starting stations is dedicated to a dictinct data type! If you want to discover all CheckiO features, visit our tutorial. It's a longread, but it's worth it!


This week we prepare only one mission for you, but it's very precious 💎 and needs your full attention!

The Hollow Diamond by freeman_lex - Your function should return a multiline string of unique lowercase letters in alphabetical order. The characters should be placed in a form of hollow rhombus (diamond), along its edges, starting from the top vertex. For this purpose you are given three values (for their constraints see Preconditions): side - number of letters in each side of the rhombus; length - total number of letters you should use; cw - clockwise flag, which shows in what direction the letters must go (if True - letters should be placed in clockwise direction). If it's not enough length to complete the form, complement it with "*". The rhombus should not have white spaces at the right.

assert hollow_diamond(3, 8, True) == "  a\n h b\ng   c\n f d\n  e"
assert hollow_diamond(3, 6, False) == "  a\n b *\nc   *\n d f\n  e"
assert hollow_diamond(4, 10, False) == "   a\n  b *\n c   *\nd     j\n e   i\n  f h\n   g"


Current topics are more general and about buliding soft skills, benefits from hiring junior devs and new Python-based programming language - Mojo!

People: The API User’s Guide - Ned Batchelder's keynote at PyCon 2023, where he talks about an importance of soft skills and communacation among people.

The Importance of Hiring Junior Developers in Your Company - In this article the founder of CheckiO talks about benefits from 🤝 hiring junior developers.

Mojo may be the biggest programming language advance in decades - Everyone knows that Python is not quick. What to do with that? The official releases become faster. Another way is Mojo. Mojo is a new programming language, based on Python, which fixes Python’s performance and deployment problems. There is also a small comparison with Julia.

A bit of humor at the end!

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