• CheckiO ClassRoom and more

Hi guys,

In a video about the recent release I briefly mentioned the new ClassRoom functionality. Now it is time to tell you more. Check out this video and tell me what do you think about it.

Do you remember a forum post about the different mission stages? I went through the list of solutions for Roman numerals mission and added some of the unique solutions into Editor’s choice list.

If you find some interesting solutions that I missed please let me know. You can email me, leave a comment in a related forum post, or tag me in a comment for the solution you think should (or should not) be an Editor’s choice. I strongly encourage our top-players to do so. Your feedback there will be immensely valuable.

We have prepared a short anonymous survey for our users. It shouldn’t take more than 1 minute to answer the 3 questions. In next weeks newsletter we will share the results of this survey and maybe give you another short one. These surveys will help us to make CheckIO better.

Thank you.

PS: During the next couple of weeks, we will mainly be working on two things. 1) Fixing and improving the functionality of this new upgrade, and 2) Spreading the word about CheckiO.

There are a lot of ways for you to help us with this. You can tweet about us or retweet CheckiO tweets about the release. You can email me and tell about Python (or JavaScript) related bloggers or online magazines that are popular in your country. You can leave us your email in this form and once per week we can ask you to do some online activity that will help us. In a month 3 random users who filled the form will get an awesome account with a one year free subscription.

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