• Feature: Mission Modes



As you probably all know, we are working on a big update for CheckiO right now.

But before we get into that, I want to discuss some of the improvements with you first. I’d like to add three different modes for CheckiO missions. These modes depend on how old a mission is and how many solutions the mission has.

Collecting mode

When we have a fresh new mission released we will put it in Collecting mode. In this mode, we want to get as many new solutions published as possible. In order to get access to a list of solutions you should publish your own solutions first. This concept was in the very first version of CheckiO. When we have enough solutions published in collecting mode, we will switch the mission to the next mode.

Review mode

In this mode, we don't push users to share your solutions. The only requirement to see solutions of others is to solve the mission. Random Review functionality is unlocked here. Some of the solutions can get a marker "Editors choose".

Final mode

In this mode, in the "Solutions" section you can see only "Editors choose" solutions and solutions of users you follow (in subsection). Random Review is still unlocked. The only way to see your published solution if it is not marked as "Editors choose" is from those user profile.

Yes we will finally have the “Solutions” section on user profiles where you can find all the solutions published by this user.

If you have any questions, ideas, feedback or suggestions according these improvements, please share.