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CheckiO was not always just a set of puzzles but also a new way of learning. Learning through the doing and through the exchange of experience with the community - a community which is growing every day.

And so, today we have taken a big step in that direction.

First of all, users of CheckiO can see the solutions of others immediately after solving the mission. This means that you don’t need to publish your solution before you see the solutions of the users. Once you review the other solutions, then you can decide to publish your own.

Secondly, for each solution you decide to publish you must choose a category. This is a good way to bring focus to discussions about your solution within the CheckiO community.

Right now, there are only three categories and it’s very easy to choose.

Clear. This solution is clear, readable, and documented. It’s more production code.

Speedy. The main focus of this solution is to provide the fastest solution possible.

Puzzle. This solution is fun and challenges other users to understand how it works.

*Note: If you have already published solutions in CheckiO, you can now go back and categorize them.

Community party

So, you remember that we had a Dropbox competition a couple weeks ago, right? And that the file sharing giant offered various prizes for CheckiO users, including 100Gb of space for 1 year? Well, we also had Guido van Rossum review one of the solutions! Check it out here.

“LOL. The shorter I write the code, the longer the explanations in the comments are. :-D” - veky.

Cool solution from veky and very good explanation from nickie, two of our top players. It would be worth your while to follow them both. They are like Batman and Robin on CheckiO :)

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The main idea behind these games is to give you the opportunity to learn by exchanging experience with the rest of the community. Every day we are trying to find interesting solutions for you to help you become a better coder.

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