• CheckiO just opened the Dropbox island for you!

Our Dropbox island has opened its virtual doors, introducing 2 whole new missions for you - with a BANG! Solve all code challenges and win the hearts (read: likes) of your fellow players and you might just win one of the 6 one year 100GB Dropbox Pro accounts we got to give away!
In Express Delivery you’ll move cargo around the island using magic boxes, that somehow beam their contents to the next box. Stephan can place the cargo in one box and pick it up later at the delivery point.
While Stephan is running cargo, we’ll play a little game in Pearls in the Box. We’ve put several black and white pearls in one of the boxes and for each move, you take a pearl out of a box and put one of the opposite color back. The winner is the one who pulls the white pearl on the Nth step.

O’Reilly Challenge Winners

Our top coder this season is htamas. And the star player is nickie.

Congratulations you two, we're honoured to have you on the platform!

New Map

Remember our little loading bar? Well, you won’t see much of that around CheckiO anymore! Our new map loads way faster, saving more time for you to solve our code challenges.

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